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Best Pool Shots That Will Make You A Champion

Best Pool Shots That Will Make You A Pool Genius

One of the most popular indoor games is pool. Every sports bar has this and in every private game area. Whether in a professional game or just for fun, everyone wants to play like a pro. Be it an 8-ball, 9-ball, or killer pool, there’s satisfaction when you get to nail a ball into the heart of a pocket. 

Maybe you are practicing for a professional pool competition or you just want to beat your playmate this time, we’ve got you covered on what shot to take to play like a pro.

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The Break

The most important thing to remember is: an accurate square hit on the ball. This is an important factor for a break.

Many People have a special cue or stick for the break.

Make sure your bridge hand is stable; keep your grip hand relaxed as possible; and keep the cue level as possible. You have to learn and know how to smash the opening shot for an 8-ball or 9-ball. Fast hands and fingers could also be one of the tips to smash apart a break. 

To generate more cue speed, straightening the arm can help by getting more of the shoulder muscles involved.

An alternative to hitting the lead ball on the break is hitting the 2-ball or 3-ball squarely instead of breaking the side rail. These breaks spread the balls well often resulting in pocketing a ball. These break techniques can be effective depending upon the rules by which you play.  


The Massé

This is a technique that causes the cue ball to follow a curved path. This is accomplished by tilting the axis of the ball so that it spins to the inside of the desired curve, that’s why this is also called the “curve shot” or the “banana shot”. Striking the cue ball quickly going downwards from an elevated position will cause it to move forward and bend. This might be difficult but  trial and error will teach you just how to master it.

An unintentional curve can happen so quickly that it might go unnoticed, so, be careful of that. Stay down over the table after giving a stroke and keep your eyes on the path until after the cue ball makes contact with the object ball. 


The Combination

The most suggested and easiest way to aim a combination shot the ghost-ball cue-pivot method. During a 9-ball pool game, this shot can be the key or essential in winning the game.

There are many combinations of calculations for this shot. Like, the distance between the two balls, the distance from the pocket, the angle between balls, the distance of the cue ball from the first object ball, and the difficulty to get position on the next ball.

Most of the said factors or evaluations are straightforward and the need for accuracy in every shot goes the way up. The best suggestion we can give is to try and avoid putting any side swerve on the ball. A little spin or inaccuracy can affect the entirety of the shot. Play them softly and make sure to master it by practicing. This shot is vital in every 9-ball pool. 


The Draw Shot

This is one of the most fun and impressive shots in the game of pool. This can give you a chance to avoid trouble, cluster the balls, and to get on top of your opponent.

These are the suggested steps to the technique to perfect a hard draw shot; 

  • Make sure there’s an even layer of chalk on the cue
  • Don’t rush the transition between the final backstroke and the final forward stroke.
  • Don’t elevate the cue, this can make you less accurate
  • Don’t tighten the grip during the stroke, this will reduce your power and accuracy
  • Don’t move the cue back after the hit
  • Don’t drop your elbow before Cue Ball contact

This shot ultimately requires cue ball control and a lot of practice. Though this is one of the basic shots, it can contribute to your overall stroking ability and understanding the friction and how it affects all your performance in the game.


The Double

This is also called the ‘ol Barney Rubble and known to be tricky to get into the corner or middle pocket. If played with pace, control, and with confidence, you can get a pretty looking and impressive shot.

Experts say that you need to visualize the “d” from the center of the OB (object ball) to the desired CP on the OB. Next, double the distance by adding it to the other side of the CP. This can locate the required line of aim through the center of the GB Ghost Ball).

If you consider that the angle of the ball is going to be the same angle you play at, you might be aiming at the cushion between the object ball and the pocket points.

Though it can be hard to look at, this shot is easier than it looks especially when played with control and confidence. This can make your opponent lose the game too.


The Cushion Shot

This is actually the hardest shot to play. When the ball is cushioned, you have to nick it down the rail and you can have a small chance of hitting it. This causes the cue stick to skid on top of the cue ball which is considered as a foul. 

So, how to do it at its best? Hit the ball at the angle you would hit if you were trying to pot it in open play. Also, have the cue ball contact to the object ball and cushion simultaneously at a medium pace and you should sink the shot.  

Another way to handle it is by raising the level of the stick and angle the stick according to the type of shot you want to do.

Make sure to apply some chalk powder on the cue tip and your hands to make sure it doesn’t slide off the ball.

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