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What Makes a Good Pool Cue


How to buy a new pool cue does not have to be a stressful process.

Maybe it is a cue for yourself or even as a gift for someone, or perhaps you are wondering does a good pool cue matter?

Or perhaps you are looking for a special cue like a jump cue?

Yes a good pool cue does matter - but you do not have to go too expensive either. We have a great article on the price ranges of pool cues.

What to know how to choose the best case for a pool cue.

Now here are five pool cue research steps to consider when buying a pool cue.


There are so many choices today for pool cues that this is simply the best step you can take. Honestly, my advice is not to buy something less that $50 or more than $250. Selecting the right good quality cue doesn't have to break the bank.

I would say that it is a good move to buy a new pool cue even if you are a beginner as you want to get your basic piece of equipment right first.  I would go for a two-piece maple pool cue which will be much better compared to playing old house cues that are often worn out.

How much is a good pool cue? You can get a good pool cue for between $100-$200 no need to pay more


Are you a social player or do you have a super competitive steak when you play pool or snooker or billiards. If you are a keen player and not super serious then most players can find a dependable cue in the $100 range and a good one less than $250.

Once you really get serious and start playing competition pool I would suggest that you consider something above $250 and how high you will go will depend on your budget.


The more competitive and serious the player, the more increased the content of cue technology you will want to look at. Most mid range or intermediate cues for players come standard with a low-deflection shaft. These low deflection shafts are designed to increase accuracy, performance and power. I would always buy a pool cue with a low deflection shaft (LD) because they are the best hitting pool cue. Predator pool cues are one of my personal favorite brand and they are a good for all player levels.

If the you are a bit more of a beginner and do not require a high-performance cue do make sure you get a pool cue with a maple shaft at least.


Once you have sorted your budget you need to select a pool cue that you think will fit your personality. Are you flamboyant, do you like to make a statement or are you more reserved - choose a look that fits your style. There a even specially designed pool cues for women.

If you really want an awesome looking cue - you may have to spend a little more - but the good thing is you are going to get both function and form- by that I mean great aesthetics and good technology imbedded in the pool cue.

You can get intricate designs with pearl, precious stones or even exotic metals. A fashion cue can really look stunning and even help with you mental attitude. If you enter a room with an amazing cue you may psych out some of your competition.

One of the most expensive types of pool cures are made of carbon fibre.

We are not going to cover custom or hand made pool cues here as they are another level and really out of most peoples budget.


Once you have zeroed in on a pool cue that seems to suit your style you do need to consider the weight of the cue. Plus also testing the balance of the pool cue is important.

I always suggest that if you can actually try one of your friends cue first is one of the best things you can do. Try many different types and styles - and of course if you can try an exact one of the pool cue models that you are looking at then more the better.

So what is the the right weight and balance? Most cues weigh somewhere between 18 to 21 ounces in weight. This weight is the total weight of a completely assembled cue.

Many cues that you will use in a pool hall are built with the majority of their weight in the butt of the cue. While you probably learnt on one of these, if you think about it it probably did feel "butt heavy".

Then if you think about your method of play because the cue is overly heavy with the weight in the butt you probably will recall that you gripped the the cue too far back, essentially compensating for the weight. As a consequence if you replay your pool shots back in your head you may recall that the tip had a tendency to pull up during the follow through due to the excess weight in the back.

Hence - why you must look at getting the right balance in a pool cue.


So to summarize these are the top 5 things that makes a good pool cue

  • Pool Cue Weight
  • Pool Cue Balance
  • Pool Cue Design
  • Pool Cue Budget
  • Pool Cue Low Deflection Shaft
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