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Pool vs Billiards vs Snooker

Billiards vs Snookers vs Pool: What’s the Difference?

If you are not an expert at these games or never played them, you probably find it hard to distinguish their differences. People usually interchange their concepts or blend them just to conceptualize a pool or cue game. Billiards is the most common term used when referring to these sports collectively, however, it is much more than just a game with cue sticks, pockets, and balls - it can be a life passion.In this post we put into words differences to distinguish what the difference is between pool vs billiards vs snooker is.

Also check your table is in good condition especially the cushions.

Let’s start to break down their differences.


This is one of the cue sports which is also known as “carom billiards” and is popular all over the world but especially in England, where it originated. Each player will use a sequentially pot a different color ball and tries to score by reaching the maximum points.

Billiard Objective:

The object of this game to acquire more points and to reach the total winning score than the opponent.Rules:

  • It shall be played with three balls: red, yellow, and white.
  • Each player shall have their own cue balls with different colors: white and yellow.
  • The player who gets their cue ball nearest to the cushion will break first.
  • Players shall remain on the table until they fail to make a score
  • When following a foul, the opponent shall have the option of having the balls put on their desired spots.

Players:It shall be played by one vs one or two vs two.Equipment:

  • A table with 3569 mm x 1778 mm
  • 3 balls shall be used: red, yellow, and white
  • Ball size: 52.5 mm
  • Cues stick made from wood or fiberglass
  • Chalk


  • Players can score in three ways:
  • Cannon: when the cue ball hits the other 2 balls. (2 points)
  • In-off: when the cue ball hits another ball and shoots down to the pocket. (3 points if the red was hit, 2 points if other player’s cue ball)
  • Pot: when any ball shoots down to the pocket. (3 balls if red shoots down the pocket, 2 points for other balls)

billiards vs pool vs snooker


This game is popularized in India and China but, still, dominated by British players because of its similarity to Billiards. The only differences it has from the billiards are the table and cue balls sizes. And unlike from billiards, this game uses several balls to play.Objective:The objective of the game is to win more scores than the opponent by using the white cue balls in the correct sequence.Rules:

  • It shall be started by a player who breaks through a toss coin deciding who plays first.
  • A push shot, which is a foul, is the point at which the tip of the signal stays in contact with the prompt ball as it thusly contacts the objective ball. The signal ball should just be played with one clean strike of the prompt.
  • All balls must be fixed before the following shot is played.
  • The referee may call a miss if the player doesn't strike the right ball and is decreed not to have made a good attempt. The other player is granted the foul (at least four) and has the choice to make the player replay the shot.
  • Hitting a ball off the table is a foul. Reds are not be replaced yet hues will be re-spotted.
  • The ball must not be in touch with other balls.
  • Spots usually covered by another ball shall be replaced next to the highest available spot.
  • If no spots are available, the color is to be placed next to the closest spot between the top cushion.
  • When the cue ball is touching the other, it shall be called the “touching ball” by the referee.
  • The free ball shall be declared if both players cannot hit the whole chances of a legal ball.
  • Potting the white ball and jump shots are considered as foul.

Players:It shall be played by one vs one. Equipment:

  • The table shall be 12ft x 6ft x 3ft in height
  • 6 pockets
  • Baulk shall have 29 in. line across the table with D as the center and 11 in. radius 
  • Balls size: 2.7 in. in diameter
  • 15 red balls
  • One of each black, pink, brown, blue, yellow, green, and a white cue ball
  • Cue stick not less than 3ft in length


  • 1 point for potting the red
  • Black ball is worth 7 points
  • Pink ball is worth 6
  • Blue ball is worth 5
  • Brown ball is worth 4
  • Green ball is worth 3
  • Yellow ball is worth 2
  • The player shall continue until he misses a ball or hits a foul
  • Four points are given to the opponent if the payer hits a foul


pool vs snooker

This cue game is the closest one to billiards and originated in the United States. This is also known as the “eight-ball” or “nine-ball” pool. Though commonly mistaken as billiards, it has its own uniqueness in mechanics and equipment. Let’s get to know what are those.

Pool you can also get small tables if you have a space restriction.

Pool Objective:

The main objective of pool is to hit and shoot all your designated balls, whether stripes or solids and hit the 8 ball to win the game. Like the billiards and snooker, it also needs to have a higher score than the opponent player to be able to win.Rules:This is the standardized rules created by the World Pool Billiard Association (WPBA) for amateur and professional players:

  • These are considered as fouls:
    • Hitting the cue ball off the table
    • Potting one of the opponent’s ball
    • Failing to hit your own object balls
    • Hitting the cue ball twice
    • Striking the cue ball
    • Taking a shot when it is not their turn
  • The player shall re-rack if the 8-ball is potted
  • The player must hit the balls and cushions and make sure it does not go down to the pockets to make a legal break.
  • A tossed coin shall be made to start a game
  • Object ball shall be placed in a triangular rack and positioned at the lower end of the table.
  • Balls shall be random aside from the 8-ball that is to be placed on the center
  • The player shall continue playing until he commits a foul or fail to pot an object ball.
  • 8-ball must be sink in once all the balls are potted.

Players:This can be played by one vs one or two vs two.Equipment:

  • Table is 9ft x 4.5ft
  • 16 balls in total (1 white ball, 7 striped balls, 7 solid balls, 1 black ball)
  • Cues sticks shall be made from wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber
  • Chalk can be used

Scoring:The player who wins a greater number of frames shall be considered as the winner

To Sum it Up…

Billiards, snooker, and pool are all great cue games. In order to achieve a fun-filled and satisfying experience, develop your skills more. Plus, add concentration, tactical thinking whether in attack or defense position. These games require not just physical abilities but also mental strength.

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