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Best Pool Table for Small Rooms

These smaller pool tables are perfect for small spaces.

Most of us love to play pool but sadly many of us do not have enough space in our house or room to play it, yes I know small rooms suck!

Well, you are in luck because we will tell you some of the pool tables that are tailor-made for small spaces. Yes you really can put a pool table in a small room!

Best Mizerak Pool Table

Foldable Pool Table

Simple, fast and effective to setup and use

  • Sturdy but foldable legs
  • Great for easy storage
  • Smaller than the 8ft Table
  • Liteweight
  • Comes fully assembled
Bumper pool Table

Creative use of space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient

  • Compact Size
  • Great for Children
  • Works in Appartments
  • Comes ready to go.
Outdoor Pool Table

No Space Constraints

  • Weather Proof
  • Rust Resistant
  • UV Resistant Fabrics
  • Comes Equipped with all essentials like cues, balls etc.

Foldable Pool Table for a Small Room

If your place is too small to host a full-blown pool or billiard table, then the perfect solution is a portable pool table.

RACK Crux Folding 55 in Billiard/Pool Table

folding pool table

What makes a portable pool table a perfect for small places is the fact that its legs can be folded up which makes it easier to store.

We love this table - it is great for the whole Family.

Despite being relatively small compared to other tables it is perfect to those who have limited spaces at home.

Measuring just a mere 3ft x 6ft it is more ideal in small places than an 8ft table.

If you want to play  48” cues this table is perfectly fine.

What makes this table extra awesome is that they are lightweight compared to most tables since it is usually made of  MDF, a light-weight wood-based product.

With its lightweight attribute moving it anytime and anywhere is just very easy.

Moreover, the best thing about this table is it's one of a kind foldable legs which makes it easy to store and perfect to those people who do not usually play pool or have limited spaces at home.

It is one of the most sought after portable and foldable pool tables.

When you open it out of the box it's fully assembled and all you have to do is to unfold the legs and start playing.

You do not have to worry if you buy this product since it comes with  2 cues, billiard balls, table brushes, chalk, and a racking triangle.

To make the life of pool players much easier it even has a  built in levelers under each leg to make it easy to adjust.

Bumper Pool Table

Another suitable pool table for small rooms is the bumper pool table. We like the Berner Billiards Slate Bumper Pool Table since it really does fit in a small space, is really good quality and great for kids or adults who do not what to get too serious about pool, but still want to have some fun.

bumper pool table

These are great for restricted space and for beginners and young children.

As its name suggests this table has a compact size and only utilizes  10 balls and 2 pockets.

What makes this table interesting is that each pocket has a  bumper on either side of it with additional bumpers in the center of the table.

These built in bumpers serve as  obstacles to shoot around which makes the game more exciting.

With this kind of pool table all you need to do to enjoy this game is to sink all 5 of your balls in your opponent’s pocket  first.

While it is not the traditional pool it is still perfect since you can use it in small places and winning is much easier too.

If you decide to buy it now it usually comes in two shapes: rectangle and octagon.

Per product specifications, the  rectangular tables are usually around 54” L x 40” W while the octagon tables are typically 51” x 51”.

With its small dimensions, this pool table is perfect for small places plus the fact that you only play for  48” cues instead of 58.

This product has  a  3/4 slate and can be played right away since it is fully assembled except for the legs.

With a measurement of 45″ x 30″  this is definitely great but for any home.

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

If you feel like playing the pool outside, this outdoor pool table is your perfect companion.

Pool tables are built to last long since they are made up usually of  aluminum frames and rust resistant components.

outdoor pool table

To make this pool table withstand any wrath of Mother Nature some companies even  put powder coated or finished off with an additional weather resistant coating.

This kind of pool table utilizes fabrics like  Sunbrella, which is UV, water, mold and mildew resistant.

This kind of fabric is very useful since it is not prone to fading either, which means your playing surface will maintain its color for years to come.

This type of fabrics is also stain resistant which makes it easier to clean.

If you think this kind of pool table is ideal for you just click the 8ft Imperial Table on Amazon.

This product is great value as it comes with all the essentials like cues, balls, chalk, triangles, and a cover making it a great buy for the money.

You will get years of entertainment from this - and usually people do not think of putting a pool table outside - so it is worth considering.

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