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Should You Buy a Pool Jump Break Cue?

 In pool table games and cue sports such as pool,  billiards, or snooker a shot in which the cue ball is intentionally jumped into the air to clear an obstacle (usually an another ball) is called a jump shot.

To investigate whether a jump cue -- which can cost from about $50 to more than $400 -for a good pool cue- is worth the investment, lets us quickly look at the reason of a "jump" shot. In pool, a jump shot is exactly what the name implies -- a shot where the cue ball leaves the surface of the table after you hit it with a cue stick.

If done well this shot is pretty impressive and may win you the game. Having a specialized cue stick which helps you "jump" your cue ball in your selection of pool cues is a nice to have when you advance.

What is the Best Top Jump Cue?

I recommeded getting a separate jump cue rather than a jump-breakcue which is much more of a compromise, giving you average jumping and breaking capabilities. A dedicated jump cue really exxcels when you really needed it that is when you are looking to do close distance jump.  Often with a jump break combination cue you will need to detach by unssrewing the butt - this often will break your concentration - just when you need it most.

By design hower jump cues are much shorter, lighter and have a very hard tip mostly phenolic to deleiver maximum energy to the ball. 

After lots of experiemnts and investion gation here is the best jump cue to help you perfect that shot.

Best Jump Cue for Jump Shots

McDermott Star Series S2 Pool Cue Jump / Break, Solid Carbon Fiber Tip / Ferrule

best cue for jumping

Star cues feature premium maple and exotic materials that are mixed with 4-color overlays makr the Cue very attractive.

Manufactured globally using McDermott’s technology, Star cues provide the highest quality hit in their price range. Star cues are designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by McDermott Cue. They are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Last Words

I recommend  Your Jump and Break Cues Separate

Namley using a different break and jump cue, each designed for their own purpose.

Why? because it is hard to envisage a perfect jump cue also being a perfect break cue. 

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